Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I have to post something

The post with the title “First Post of 2009” survived the rest of the year, not because of its might but rather a barren year that people got numb hearing about the economic slumps. I wouldn’t sing Damien Rice “Amie” because nothing is nothing-unusual. I switched job. I moved.

The lyric sounds like this (watch it here)

Nothing unusual, nothing strange
Close to nothing at all
The same old scenario, the same old rain
And there's no explosions here
Then something unusual, something strange
Comes from nothing at all
I saw a spaceship fly by your window
Did you see it disappear?

It is probably a little too late to say Goodbye to 2009. I capped the year watching cars jam-packed at the bay area and short-lived fireworks emancipating both splendid dots of light and odorless and transparent CO2 into the skies.

All of a sudden, it halts. The inspiration of what to write, stops.

Is everyone waiting for a spaceship flying by the window?

It’s gonna be a good good year, a fruity one, to everyone!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


In this piece of news (the following link), it was stated that
"This sees the national carrier in a tie with Lufthansa and moving up one rank from last year."

I could not agree with the statement. I find this piece of news is misleading. Please refer to the following link. It is clear that MAS did not improve in ranking, instead the tied position of Emirates and Virgin Atlantic was only counted as one position (number 4) instead of two. MAS are still behind 8 other airlines as it was in 2008 and no improvement has been made. In fact, Lufthansa made an improvement by moving up a rank to tie with MAS. It was behind MAS in 2008.

who is thinking who is lulu? or too sluggish to accept the truth?

Saturday, May 16, 2009


And he showed his right middle finger during the Sudirman Cup semifinal match against the Chinese Pair an hour ago. And that tummy.

Sigh. Total disgrace. Please exterminate him from the national team. Can't bear to watch anymore.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The problems with Koo Kien Keat

The problems with Koo Kien Keat.

Sorry I have to reroute my anger somewhere.I don’t want to put words into sophisticated humanistic or ethical philosophy terms. To uplift Malaysia’s badminton, someone has to be dropped from the national team, and here’s why.

1) Not a team player. He is lacking faith in both his partners, both Wong Pei Thy and Tan Boon Heong. He thought he could cover up them but in fact he could not even cover up for himself. Always like to pick up obviously not his ball.
2) He think he is too good. He thinks he is the godly skillful player that is born for badminton. In fact, he is, but with the increasing weight I suppose due to laziness during training, nothing could help at this stage.
3) Talk too much to the media and put too much pressure on himself. Probably his thinks he has the best command of English language in the team
4) Jealousy towards the down-to-earth talented Yong Dae. He is trying to smash his opponent and outplay him where in fact he has the better option to just finish of the point. You know, 21-point system just doesn’t allow you to do that.
5) He sucks as a double badminton player.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

international tourist arrival (2007)

The tourist arrival data for Year 2007

Data from 2006 is here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

kuching kiss

Even when there is a table fan that is rotating at an awful speed, a swaying horse-racing calendar on the boring apple green barricade and a soothing night in the lukewarm tropic country, attempts to blog can be catastrophically devastating to a blogger’s faith that he is a blogger in actuality. Salvation armies were lost into the minuscule dust particles energized by the humid gusts of air.

I don’t know if I should hold strongly to the faith. I hope that the saying of a picture tells a thousand words is believable to some extent, and this very picture of a kiss from the beautiful bride will make things much more easier than it seems.

Oh ya, Ever After to 林萍萍! :D

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I made my virgin step to the land of Borneo early this morning. You know, I have a habit to post a blog from a new place, and the complaints I have for this city, I mean, a single one, WHERE ARE THE ROAD SIGNS?

The last roadsign I had for a Bidayuh Kampung Bunuk Long House was 16km away, with lots of junctions ahead for you to decide. The last roadsign I had for the Semngok (if I spelt it correctly) for the splendid Orang Utans... I cant remember, it was far away somewhere.

I need a Gamin, don't I? :D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

lansi housemate

I am getting a free sundae cup from Kelvin the lansi housemate later. Life is normal, normally normal. Watch this, http://gaza-sderot.arte.tv/. I hope the other side of the world too can go out at night to have an ice cream.

Everyone has a dream like Martin Luther King. But who will get the chance is another question.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


No I am not a fan of disproportionate ornamental lights.

But this shot, not only snaps a pair of whimsical flowers of fireworks and an elevated Taktsang Temple-like holy place, it also sketchily bites in dots of hopes as plain white lights emancipating from huts below the temple.

I mean, did you see them at your first glance?

Monday, January 12, 2009

First Post in 2009

Wow, facebook is advancing menacingly that I have nearly forgotten about blogspot!

I do not foresee closure of this site . People's interests are just quietly shifting, and one can always be sure that writing will come back one day.

I wished, truly.

For Shui Sien's wedding last Saturday, click here

For gathering at Sui Ming's new house yesterday, click here

Don't ask me how if you cannot see anything at the above links. I do not know how too!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dear Sir

Dear Sir,

I thought I would be one of your supporters since I have leveraged most of the Jitra-men sentiments inherited from your Dad's reign. But no, but no.

Our fragility of perpaduan is not derived from our education. It is coming from the policies and I-deem-unwise decisions 51 years ago. From then on, race A was peer-pressurely forced to rest on laurels while reaping and gripping tightly on relatively easier revenues; race B was culturally forced to rake in every pennies while mourning over unjust opportunites; and race C scrambles into every nook and corner reaching either the pinnacles or the substructures.

But I dont hate CL Tan, Sambathan nor TAR. If it was wrong, we need to correct it. No?

Not the schools. Not the schools. It's the policies. It's the politics. So, merging the schools? Why not the parties first?

I wish to quote. "Take a closer look. Take a closer look. What's it that really haunting you. " Tori Amos, Digital Ghost.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I remember some but not all

I have this obsession to display all the displayable souvenirs in my cubical. As time dilapidates the good old memory I sometimes forget who bought and brought what into my little cubical and little life. You want to claim yours, virtually, don't you?

Monday, September 29, 2008

my housemates getting married too!


Where's Selvam's and my 龙咁威?

Theng Theng got married!

With one less wisdom tooth but no less wisdom I perhaps, I took the G9 again for Theng Theng's marriage registration. Theng Theng was trendily late for 5 minutes. The bouquet was delightfully late for 10 minutes. But it was never too late for a "signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours" signature of a lifetime! Congratulations!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Old Photos

I've eventually decided to tidy up my photos of trips to a few European cities- rotating those tilted, grouping those to be grouped, and unveiling those unimpressive at the time they were taken, yet compellingly regain their attractiveness when you turn your head back and look.

I have one here. It's calming and blissful.

Yes, after ten full moons came and went away.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blogging Dormancy

These sorts of circumstances do happen. Wake-up calls too in abeyance. There isn't any spark of amourous feelings towards writings. May be some ends of hibernation just get overdued.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

About Bumiputera

- Not defined in Perlembagaan Malaysia

After frantically searching through the internet, where otherwise I will catch myself suffocated as the air turned miserably chilly and bitter after the stark confusion arose, I found one of the definition in a government agency website.

- Usage in MARA (funded by Government, of course from tax payers and country's resources)

Bumiputera, Malaysian citizen: Definition of Bumiputera – If one of the parents is a Malay and practicing Islam or Bumiputera (aborigines/indigenous for Sabah & Sarawak) therefore his/her children are Bumiputeras.

Oh, I see.

A 17yo kid, whose daddy is a Bangladeshi while mummy is Siti Aminah born in Ipoh, is ELIGIBLE

A 17yo kid, whose daddy's and mummy's great grandparents were born in Kuala Lumpur with their offsprings and later generations live(d) and contribute(d) to the economies and human developments of the countries for nearly a century, is NOT ELIGIBLE.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

豪大大鸡排 与 soul and the city

The only thing I, as a tourist, happily liked about Taiwan, must be the 豪大大鸡排.......

Yay! This one in 士林夜市


I have never seen a place where most of the people just couldn’t wait behind you when boarding a plane, frantically shoving through when you are stowing your luggage into the overhead compartment, without turning their heads back or having the slightest sense of apology.

I have never seen a place when people failed to nod/respond when you accidentally touched them and said sorry.

I have never seen a place where people will come to stand in front of you when you were admiring a picture in a museum.

I have never seen a MRT station where you line up by the side, but once the coach reaches everyone moves to the center and plunges in without letting the passengers to come out first.

I have never seen a place where you can find 4 or 5 big pieces of pig-blood cubes of 8cm x 8cm at least in a not-spicy-at-all spicy-soup steamboat (this is definitely biased, just my personal hatred).

Hypnotize me, hypnotize me. It’s just difference in culture. It’s just difference in culture. The measure towards indifference of public’s manners is just different from what I perceive of a developed country.

Rude kid kept looking, laughing and discussing about my head, the parents just ignore him. What's wrong!? (not with my head, but with the basic manner teaching?)

I don't think it's that nice. It's just the packaging. Micro and Macro alike.

That's the scary pot. That famous restaurant's name is 飞天麻辣火锅

Some places are much better, the places where most outsiders look at.



Damper Baby! The only souvenir I would buy!

猫空,something like mini Cameron highlands ba.

101 from a cab.

Fried Quail's Eggs (not bad)

Pinang and sexy girls (some are aunties anyhow). It's everywhere, telling the world that the lure towards pornography is oozing.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Post # 90

This is my 90th post. As scintillating as it could be. As murky as it could be.

  • Stole 4 days out of the rather hectic schedule and lazed around in KL.
  • Pocketed 1 Yellowcard’s CD Paper Walls from Artist Gallery, Queensbay.
  • Thieved 1 extra hour from lunch time to scramble all over the badminton court.
  • Squandering 2 more ex-colleagues to Australia and KL.
  • Wiping off 30000 beads of sweat that ran down like tears from WC’s treat of Tomyam and 8 other mouth watering dishes.
  • 2 birthday feasts for the 2 Lims. 1 at Ingolf’s, 1 at Flame.
  • Strategizing 1 plot to Bhutan or the Land of Kangaroo.
  • Picked up 1 bill at Baskin and traded it with 4 ladies’ joyful days. Owing Zeus 1, else uncle is not going to reply my email.
  • Losing 1 faith.

KY and the new sports complex.

KLCC from inside of Kim's car

Farewell for Irene.

Another heart-touching album from Yellowcard. Anyone to echo in resonance that the most touching songs are from Yellowcard?

The tomyam was really spicy. ps: that was the less-spicy version.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

post-Austin visit

After so much grumbles on LA I made in my previous post, I, to the least expectation, made good friends with local Application Engineer Rick in Austin. Getting what I had in the Tom Bradley Terminal, you should know how little I would expect from everyone else in the States. Rick, however, changed my biased judgement on this. I had a great time walking down the 6th (not 7th as the internet told me!) in Austin, the The Live Music Capital of the World! It was a rushed trip, as I was only scheduled to stay two days in Austin, including a customer visit which needed some troubleshooting and instrument setup. Nevertheless, it ended up very well thanks to Rick!

Btw, this is what I have from the internet!

Austin was selected as the No. 1 Best Big City in "Best Places to Live" by Money magazine in 2006, and the "Greenest City in America" by MSN. [7][8] Also, according to CNN Headline News and travel and leisure Austin ranks #2 on the list of cities with the best people referring to the personalities and attributes of the citizens.

There must be a reason for everything then.

Lake Travis, from Oasis.

The restaurant owner's mansion

Rick and the chips.

The 6th Street, tonnes of music bars.

The capital building

Somewhere by a river/lake. :D

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have finally made it here to Austin, after an rather inhumane secondary inspection at the Tom Bradley International Terminal. All these originated from the interviewer back in KL far back in 2004, which he said he wanted to inspect more on my secondary school named Sekolah Menengah Jitra. This would never to be cleaned, even with a new Visa and Passport.

I am travelling to two states that bordering the Mexico: California and Texas. I have decided not to write even a tiny post (or I am rather tired) from LA, nor to spend even a penny of my own there. Just, dont feel like too. I even think "somewhat compulsory" giving of tips is a commendable culture: there is a Chinese (Cantonese) saying: 数还数,路还路 right? Not to say that I am stingy that I dont want to spend my money giving away tips, but the dilemma it creates - whether to give tips or not, how much to give, should I give some or a lot if I take away the food from a restaurant - is simply confusing and detrimental, in my opinion, to a strong sense of economic structure looking from the individuals, leading to a macro view.

Also, what leads to such a predicament that so much of bureaucracy blooms, with snail-slow and certainly faitugued-about-life officers that are stationed for secondary inspection? The United States is supposed to be a country that cares a lot about human basic rights. No? (Sound like Rafael Nadal is asking :P). In the "no-bathroom-access" area, I saw verbally-crippled old men and women (mostly look Islam) sitting in worries and anxiety. Adding to this, no bathroom access? no bathroom access for 2-3 hours, sometimes up to 4 -5 hours?

A Chinese-looking pilot/staff named something like Muhamad Ali from SIA sat next to me more than two hours. Nevertheless, nobody will, however, know my name, because, the American Korean officer pointed to me holding my passport, "YOU, COME".

I rather made a trip to Tibet, if I have had the choice. Rather than seeing a lazy woman taking chips while overseeing a gang of like-culprit-treated civilians from claimed third-world or menacing countries. I guess it will be never ending for Uncle Sams, for, this thing, reitirates.

I'd better start worrying about my customer meeting tomorrow, and about whetehr 3.5 hours is enough for my transit at LA back to Singapore. You know, the waiting, can just easily take up 2 hours or more.

ps: to Uncle Hor, I rather choose to inhale the toxic air in Beijing.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

United States' Secret War in Tibet

Every one of us should read this.


The Tibet Myth

Here I quote

In November 2005 the Dalai Lama spoke at Stanford University on “The Heart of Nonviolence,” but stopped short of a blanket condemnation of all violence. Violent actions that are committed in order to reduce future suffering are not to be condemned, he said, citing World War II as an example of a worthy effort to protect democracy. What of the four years of carnage and mass destruction in Iraq, a war condemned by most of the world—even by a conservative pope--as a blatant violation of international law and a crime against humanity? The Dalai Lama was undecided: “The Iraq war—it’s too early to say, right or wrong.”53 Earlier he had voiced support for the U.S. military intervention against Yugoslavia and, later on, the U.S. military intervention into Afghanistan.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Scenes of horror

Tibetians attacked Chinese

Very well looked after

Paid to create chaos

Pushed from first floor

The four precepts of the commandments?

Pictures fo Horror

And the United States, as the world leader, is supporting the people who always want a separation in Tibet but at the same time supporting the Zionist intruders?

A VERY BIG BULLY. What will you do if this happened to your country? I dont see anything wrong with tanks! To save your innocent civilians!

Asians are kiasu, but not many of us can be as good in glorifying two-facedness by tossing away the beauty and innocence of humanity.


Kepoh Hypocrit - US responded to Lhasa Riot

World Kepoh Prize - US

World No-Mirror-at-Home Prize - US
The speaker of the US House of Representatives yesterday called on the international community to condemn China for its crushing of protests in Tibet, saying the crisis was a challenge to the "conscience of the world".

You? Call for conscience and human rights, with blood in your hands?

I loathe hypocrisy. I loathe US.

And what's worse. Look at these videos.

True face of Western Media

I don't like the way China handled it, but I am not ferociously against her decision. I don't know if Tenzin Gyatso was behind the riots as claimed, or probably he didn't even expect how violent his people can be behind him.

We will see, who is (are) taking advantages upon Olympics to gain benefits, as time goes by.

Monday, March 17, 2008

After Election

It’s a solid feel of hopes oozing from the shift of paradigm and direction, from the alteration towards blissfulness and progressiveness, from changes from pacifying rodomontades to analytical revelations and rivalry confrontations. Everything now is teeming with hopes, hopes for changes and rejuvenations.

To the country, it’s a new dawn. And you know what?



Monday, March 10, 2008

Eh? How come.....

Source from http://www.spr.gov.my/, as of 4pm 10th of March


Check for Kedah. There’s two N for Jerlun P. N “jumlah pemilih” numbers should (I think) add up to P number. But not in the case of Jerlun.

I checked other places kedah and they follow this rule.

But in this case, two Ns add up much more than the P. I cannot understand this. Some technical errors or something I misintepreted perhaps.

ps: and Jerlun P Peratusan Mengundi is a whopping 99.85%!

Malaysia's "Endangered" Majority

I like this analysis. I think it strikes the main reason why has BN performed poorly.

The most conclusive paragraph I have read so far.

"Badawi is far more secular than his fiery predecessor Mahathir Mohammad, but lacks the will or the ability to bring the radical groups within his party in line with his moderate approach. Should he fail to make an effort to win the trust of the Chinese and Indian minorities by diluting Malay supremacist policies, both his party and his country will be entering a stormy period."

(Professor M.D. Nalapat is vice-chair of the Manipal Advanced Research Group, UNESCO Peace Chair, and professor of geopolitics at Manipal University. ©Copyright M.D. Nalapat.)

Dr M says...

What do you think led to this defeat?

Dr M: I think his son-in-law (Khairy Jamaluddin) played a big role. This young man who has no achievements before but apparently the PM listens to him more rather than the police, the special branch and the armed forces, who are closer to the ground. They were so taken up with their own newspaper reports that they couldn't hear anything else. They dismissed everything they didn't like.


To the new government, work for economy, civilized thinking and moderation.
Every human feels scared when they are threatened.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Drawing near 30, I finally cast my virgin vote, in the classroom two rooms away from where I studied 11 years ago. Having faith with the constituition, I am planting my belief and hope for the country's better tomorrow.

Oh, that row of classes~~~

Classrooom 5 Science 3

No second thought

By the time I published this post, Malaysian has spoken. Oppositions grabbed 4 states, while maintain another one. Yes, we did not have prominent and powerful leaders that have the ability to suppress absurd racial "theories" among the young politicians, which is why then selfish human turned their votes to protect themselves, believing that plurality in the governments is better than an uncontrolled singularity.

To the oppositions, eradicating members and policies that carry any racial hues is the key, I truly believe.

Afterall, we, Malaysians, love peace.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Friday, February 29, 2008

We need more Gandhis, but there is another way if we do not have one

In this Friday chilly morning, in the office near Kampung Jawa, I forfeit my time from digging deep into the application notes on IQ measurement methods and make painstaking measurements to answer the question from a customer, I forfeit my chance not to be pursued by big bosses for the answers later today and I forfeit my gratification on an unforeseen surge of inner peace: to write about my sentiments as the greatly anticipated Olympic-year Malaysian election on 三八 women’s day is getting closer and scratchier.

Please understand me for being pro-Mahathir for I am from Jitra. Please understand me for being pro-Mahathir because I did not see so much chaotic moments when he was on the throne. Please understand me for being pro-Mahathir because he is a convicing figure that has the ability to bring us up while keeping the political climate under control.

I think, whether a country can be successful or not depends on whether they have the capability to churn out a smart and charismatic leader.

For a country that corruption is still poignant and lingering, a smart and charismatic leader has a different definition from a country that has transparent and checked leadership and mechanism. In this type of country, the leader has to fight gluttony and greed with certain amount of risk management against unsullied and noble aspiration to become a leader that has genuine love of its people and country. Too many times, olden times tell us that people are animals that tend to fail the battle inside out. Surrendering to hideous human nature and forgoing dirt-free political ambitions to feed and enrich their families and allies by taking benefits, whether forgiven by their own big heart or not, from other clans.

We do not have many Mahatma Gandhis in this world. In fact, we have many Mahatma Gandhi-wannabes that will hopelessly surrender to filthy notes at the eleventh hour before making their decisions. We have even more Suhartos. To find an uncontaminated jewel among the human clan in this world is probably one of the most difficult tasks.

An easier path is to have our own country’s running mechanism checked. At this point of time, it’s not about petrol price hike and blaming it. It’s not about how much they embezzled and how to take them to the court. It’s about how much you can do to help your own country.

I, listening to Annie Lennox's Big Sky in total tranquility, on this 29th of February, praying for the country's prosperity amid its complexity, understand that there is no way out other than PLURALITY.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yee Keat got married

Big bird finally got married. To a pal that was willing to use up the other ticket of a pair of movie tickets I won (Friend won that in fact, and gave them to me) during my down time a couple of years ago, I reckon that, being the cameraman and constructing a blog for her big day is one diminutively insignificant yet happy small chore.

ps: The movie was 头文字D. To remind me, or us, one day, when was it.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Couldn't help myself from excessive purchasing of gifts and souvenirs, just because of the nice packaging.

Roppongi 六本木. Lots of foreigners, and seemingly endless topless bars.

Shinjuku Station, both famous and infamous for its crowds. This is on Saturday 4pm.

The famous rainbow bridge! Romantic lor~~~

Wow! New York! Watch out for Paris too!

Another one

The guy was running into phantom.

Black eggs in Owakudani!
Japanese tradition is to hard boil eggs in the hot springs, commonly believed to achieve longetivity . The eggshells turn black from the minerals and take on a slight sulfurous smell.

The pirate ship, cruise over Lake Ashi from Togendai to Hakone Machi

Pirate ship, taken from the cable car station.

冲锋! Stood in the front of the deck for the cold windy 20 minutes (Erm, similar effect to Wolfgangsee :P)

Ancient Cedar Avenue. I walked from Hakonemachi to Motohakone to see this.

Motohakone is a pretty pier too!

Tree, in Gora Park

Another one

Will the roof collapse?

Mountain train

I went to Hakone to see Mount Fuji, but too much clouds on that beautiful morning. So near yet so far.

Cable car from Sounzan to Togendai via Owakudani (me alone, happily, in the coach! The fact is, everyone already left to catch the pirate ship and I missed that and waited for 50 minutes!)

Owakudani 大涌谷. The heavenly or hellish view, on how you see, will make you stop breathing for a second or two.

Gora, mountain train from Hakoneyumoto

Gora Park

Posing in front of Hachioji 八王子's Sogo and Hotel.

Nishi-Hachioji Agilent site

Pachinko just opposite the hotel in Hachioji!

Hachioji at night

From Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji

Tokyo Main Train Station

Tokyo Imperial Palace



A point with imposing serenity.

Water fountains in Tokyo

Where's this?

On my way to the airport, snapped from inside the Limousine Bus.

Hachioji is a township to the west of Tokyo, around 100 minutes of train ride on the JR Chuo line. It's where one of the Agilent site is located.
Lake Ashi, Gora, Owakudani, Sounzan, Togendai, Hakonemachi and Motohakone are all in Hakone, a mountainous resort area with hot springs and view of Mt Fuji.
Roppongi is near to Tokyo, a place where you finally hear and understand English.

During the week of customer visits, I visited (I mean, passed by) places like the Yokosuka Research Park, Yokosuka Bay area, Higashimatsuyama, and many others small towns that dot the prefectures of the island country, and that I would never recall their names again in a week or two.

Ignoring what's in the past, whether you fit in or not, it's a big country with big people, big commitments, big scale of organization and mechanization, as well as a big belief and preparation in and for the future.